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What's Your Home Worth?

How do I figure out what my home is worth?

This is a question we hear all of the time and many clients turn websites like Zillow to get a rough idea. The problem is, Zillow can’t pinpoint a perfect price, but we can!

We like to begin with a meeting between one of our agents and you, the property owner. During this meeting we’ll gather detailed notes and a brief description of the home or property. From there, we’ll conduct an in-depth and formal market comparison (or comp, for short) that will give us a benchmark value for your home or property. 

These comps are based on approximately three homes that have sold in the last year in our market. The comparison homes will need to be similar in size, trimming, and location, usually in the same neighborhood or within a mile where possible. During the comparison process, we’ll ensure that all of the details are accurate and appropriate. 

We leverage market trends and base a price off of sold data. We’ll also perform a market analysis, taking into account special nuances that make your home so special. Leveraging the tools we have in place, our team will make it as simple as possible to get you to a number that you will be satisfied with.

Once we have a number you like, we’ll know how much we can list your house for in our local market. 

Why List with Ritter Real Estate?

If you’re happy with your comp and are ready to sell your home or property, we can list it for you. Listing with our team is much more powerful (and profitable) than trying to sell your property on your own. In fact, homes listed with an agent in the MLS can sell for up to 26% more than comparable homes listed on the MLS.

That’s a lot of money!

What does our team bring to the table?

We’re so glad you asked!

We’ll start with a detailed and compelling description that will capture the uniqueness of your home. Next, we’ll cover the costs for professional photography and videography of your home, showing it in the best light possible.

After that, we’ll load your listing into the MLS and begin marketing your listing on every tool we have at our disposal.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

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