About Me

Zed was born and raised in Southern Illinois in a small town where you either knew or knew of everyone. He credits small town living to how he interacts with people on a daily basis. No matter where he goes, it never fails…..he finds someone he’s never met and holds a conversation like they’ve known each other for years.

Zed’s been married for 7 years to his wife, and has a beautiful 3 year old daughter and another baby girl born in July 2022. He also has an 8ft long boa constrictor he’s raised from when it was just weeks old.

Zed received a bachelor of science in Telecom and Computer Network Management from SEMO in 2013, and he’s worked in the IT dept for the State of Missouri for the last 6 years.

He’s excited to be a real estate agent because he loves new challenges. Whenever Zed gets the opportunity, he loves to assist others in finding their first homes, their dream homes, or eventually income producing properties. Financial Independence is something that he strives for, and selling real estate and eventually becoming a real estate investor is the way to achieve that.