Thomas Sherwood


About Me

Thomas moved around the state a lot as a kid, spending his teenage years in Dexter. After going to SEMO, he has remained in the Cape/Jackson area. Thomas enjoys drinking coffee and spending time with his daughter. Together, they like to explore the dozens of parks in the area and rewatch Mario 100 times.

Thomas has a versatile work history including cattle farm grunt work, gas station clerk, auto detailing, property management, and financial industry/stock broker. He fell in love with real estate after seeing the ins and outs of how real estate services are provided in our region.

While Thomas cannot claim to have a lot of experience (yet) with real estate, he can definitely claim consistent tenacity for his clients. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will find it out for you! From minute care of his clients’ needs to a boisterous personality that allows him to chameleon to any situation