Marquis Brookins


About Me

Marquis has always lived in Missouri while he was born in Columbia, he moved around a bit to Kirksville and finally to Cape Girardeau. Following high school, he completed his undergraduate studies at Southeast Missouri State University. His wife Amber is his best friend and they work together to raise their 5 kids! All 5 of their kids stay busy doing great things to further their career and education. This family also loves animals with their 2 dogs, cat, hamster, and 2 goldfish! Currently, he serves as the General Manager at Rhodes101 listening to staff and customer needs and working to provide the best solutions. Some see it as management but he sees it as a daily invitation to coach, mentor staff, and make a difference in the lives of customers and friends. He has also run his own property preservation company, direct sales, a Masters of Ministry from Olivet Nazarene University, and several years as a Senior Pastor at multiple appointments with the Salvation Army. Marquis is excited about real estate for what it can mean for him professionally, personally, and for what it can mean to his family. Marquis and Jared Ritter have spoken off and on for nearly two years about what real estate might mean in his life and Jared just never stopped encouraging him. All of his professional experiences have one central theme in common: actively listening for crucial details to bring about immediate and substantial change. This is what he brings to real estate! And, this is why people will choose him to be their real estate agent.