Jessica Miesner


About Me

Jessica grew up in Ellis Grove, IL with one sister. They went to school in Chester, and most of her family is now in Evansville, and Red Bud IL. She has been married since 2008, and they have 4 kids. They always had livestock growing up, but Steven & his family have a lot of crop ground, so it has been interesting getting to learn a little more about that side of farm life. She is trying to give her kids the same experience she had by letting them have all kinds of different animals around, they have a herd of Scottish Highland cattle and they have been so much fun to experience. Reading has always been one of her favorite ways to pass the time, and she still tries to get in as much reading time as she can between all the craziness and fun of raising the kiddos.

Jessica has worked in a veterinarians office, cashier at Buchheits, a bank teller, and was a stay at home mom for the last 14 years. What she has learned is that she likes to make connections and help people, but still wants to have a flexible enough schedule to be able to be there for her kids when they need me and real estate has given her that opportunity. She loves helping people find the perfect match when they are looking for a new home, and also helping people get what they need when they are selling. Jessica makes sure that she is available for clients when they call or text with questions or concerns, and accommodate their schedule to the best of her ability for showings.