Ben Gates


About Me

Ben is from Cape Girardeau Missouri and he absolutely loves his hometown! His favorite part is enjoying the small town feel and its amenities of a larger city. The downtown riverfront, farmers market and numerous parks provide enjoyment for outdoor activities brings him happiness. He believes Cape Girardeau is a great town to raise a family and allows for successful business opportunities! Ben is a very family orientated person and has been involved in numerous businesses with them over the years. He lives alone with his dog Mia and enjoys cycling, running and going to the gym. Ben has been in construction over the last 15-20 years and is very excited to be able to help homebuyers and sellers purchase their dream homes. It’s a great milestone accomplishment to be able to help someone in the home buying process. Ben is a hard-working committed individual that will make sure to bring you the best representation. It is also important to him to be proactive and not reactive. Negotiating for his clients is a top priority to make sure you get the deal that’s best for you. He doesn’t just give my opinion, he does a thorough competitive market analysis to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome!